Daisy Chains Jewelry


About the Artist

Welcome to Daisy Chains Jewelry!  I’m Pam Warren, owner, designer, and creator of Daisy Chains Jewelry.  I’ve been designing and making unique hand-beaded, hand-wired, or hand-stamped jewelry since 2001.  I use various different materials for my pieces, from cut glass beads and freshwater pearls to copper and sterling silver metals—anything goes!  I’m always trying out new designs so my jewelry styles are ever-changing.  Sometimes intricate and dainty, and other times chunky and simple, I like to keep it fresh and stay creative.

My most popular items right now are the long tassel necklaces and anything personalized, from key chains to bracelets to necklaces.

For my full-time work, I am a flight attendant and instructor for American Airlines.  I enjoy my job, but also truly treasure the creative outlet of designing and making jewelry.   I was raised in Houston and currently reside just outside of Dallas in McKinney, Texas with my husband, Steve, and my three cats, Zeke, Zoe, and Biggles.